At Nova Computers, Inc. we provide many services that are related to computers. Below is a short list of services that we provide. We specialize in personal customized service, so if there is something you have a question or concern about not listed, please never hesitate to call and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.

Diagnostics: At Nova Computers we strive to get to the root of your computer problems in the most deliberate yet quickest way possible. The experienced technicians can sometimes diagnose issues with just hearing the symptoms and will verify that is the case. We work on desktops, notebooks, netbooks and just about anything related to computers.

Virus,Spyware Removal: One of the newest and most persistent issues has to be malicious software (Malware). This can range from a few annoying pop-ups to severely limiting the use of your computer. At Nova Computers we have seen the basic to the most advanced malware and know just how to attack to bring your computer back to the way it was meant to run.

Data Recovery,Transfer and Backup: Data backup is one of the most overlooked piece of computer maintenance that exists today. As the technology expands and more and more data is being put on digital media, data backup should be a requirement and not an option. The operating system and programs that come with your computer can always be installed, but that school final paper, that work project that’ll guarantee your promotion or those once in a lifetime vacations that are captured on via your digital camera CANNOT. Nova Computers can assist you on to back up those files to keep them safe and retrievable if catastrophic disaster happens to your computer.

Did you forget to backup your computer files? Well Nova Computers can help try to get back those files. We have equipment and work closely with a dedicated data recovery company to give you the best shot at getting your personal files back. Data recovery should never be an alternative to data backup as recovery can never be 100% and we have personally seen files that are priceless lost forever.

Software and Hardware Upgrades:  As time goes on improvements are bound to occur and computers and computer related items are no exception. The next question is whether or not those upgrades are necessary. At Nova Computers we will evaluate your hardware and software and discuss with you what improvements would occur with a possible upgrade. Afterwards you will have an informed decision on whether it is worth proceeding with the upgrade. There is no need to buy a race car when you are only allowed to drive 35MPH.